Saturday, March 29, 2008

God Truly is My Provider

I still remember that morning when I work up early to pray. It was the day that my salary and bonus was supposed to be banked into my account, but I didn't especially wake up to pray for that of course. While I was sitting on my bed, I prayed that I will received a good bonus, all the while thinking that my bonus will most probably be just a couple of hundreds.

While I was in the lift from my flat going down, I mumbled another short prayer. I still remember I told God that it would be good if I have enough to clear my BF one short with this month's pay. And have enough for my bills and debts. And then have a little left for me to spend cos I've been so deprived for the passed 3 months. I paused for a second, and then added, "God, can I ask for a little bit more than a little bit for me to spend? Hope I'm not like too greedy here..." I smiled to myself and walked out of the lift.

When I reached office, I accessed my Internet banking and got the shock of my life. Never had I seen such a big number in my account. At least not since a long long long time ago...

*Cin was telling me that my positive confession on msn while I didn't have anything truly works! hahaha....*

I was then reminded of my morning prayer and the short prayer I made in the lift. At that time, God must be thinking of the surprise that He had in store for me! :)

And finally yesterday I received my salary computation.

God is truly amazing.

I'm not allowed to give details here since I really dunno who can be reading this (it's actually my company policy in a sense). So in summary I shall just say that I received in total, MORE than what I pledged for my 6months BF!!! :)

As for how much is my BF? Well, it's a secret that only a few know...

But once again, God has shown me that He will never shortchange me. He has seen all my sacrifices. The tough times that I went through, the many times I cried for various reasons, God has seen it and He has always been through it with me time and again.

Truly God can do exceedingly, abundantly above all that you ask, see or imagine!