Saturday, March 8, 2008

Rare Saturday Afternoon

This s a rare day indeed.

Cannot remember since when I actually have a Sat afternoon with nothing planned.
(though the Queen "spoilt" it by asking me out. hehee... no la... i always enjoy spending time with my dear Queen... ;P)

Went for early morning driving (and as usual kena BIG time from my instructor... is it just me???)

Then came back home and told myself to REALLY sleep. I needed it. So that I can have a well-rested and clear mind to handle the many things to come.
(God I need WISDOM)

Every new day comes along with new shocks (good and bad news). It's like what the Bible says about how it rains on belivers and non-Christians. Although in the natural it has stopped raining since yesterday morning, my world is still raining.

Maybe I should really go join the Rainbow Sunshine club. Then I can go find a nice fluffy cloud and sit there all day to play a harp.

Oh but there's only one problem, I dunno how to play a harp.

Ok, once I've more money maybe I should go learn...