Thursday, March 13, 2008

I Bumped into Someone During Lunch

You will never ever be able to guess who I bumped into during my lunch today...

- Someone that is from DHS
- Someone that everyone in DHS will know
- Someone that everyone is more or less AFRAID of in DHS
- Someone that guys are ESPECIALLY afraid of
- Someone whose office is where guys with "long"hair will hang out in often
- Someone that girls with Short Skirts or Long Socks will run away from
- Someone that commands the respect of the 黑白两道 in school

Last give away clue:
- Someone whose fave 口头缠 is: "听得懂吗?"

Yes I met 邱生!!!!!!!!!!

Could not belive my eyes when I walked passed him.... He was standing near China Square watching the news from one of the screens there. And he looks exactly like how I remembered him to be like 12years ago! No white hair, no visible wrinkles... Amazing.... Maybe his theory of planting your own vegetables to eat and burying your garbage food in your garden as fertilizers really works...


So this is what retired teachers do.... Become active investors and hang around the business district on work days? Ok seriously I've no idea what he was doing there, but I cannot think of any other reasons why he would be standing there in the rain? =)

I wonder what happened to all the rest of the retired teachers man...