Monday, March 17, 2008

I fell down... =(

Sad to say I fell down in my ROOM on Sat morning... thanks to my bro.

He so kindly offered to mop the floor but made it too wet and so I slipped and fell. With a simple fall like this, you would not believe how many parts of my body I managed to injure...

1) Left elbow (skin peeling and a big blue-black)
2) Right knee (dark red blue-black)
3) Right ankle (scraped off my skin when i knocked against my metal rack - this one still hurts badly when I changed the plaster this morning after I bathed....)

I think I knocked my metal rack so bad that the racks become slanted now and I dunno how to push it back staight. =(

My dad applied some kind of ointment on my bruises on Sat night and till now, the whole of my left arm still aches like anything man... Could not even push my chair this morning when I reached office...


[p/s: the coloured-letters above represent the colour of my wounds / bruises. they kinda really look like that, but of course there's no way I can fully depict it]